Day: March 11, 2017

Do It Yourself Design For Print – Affordably and Effectively

I’ve been in the printing industry for 20+ years. In the old days (when I started) only specialized applications were used for “Desktop Publishing” – remember that term? Printers, ad agencies, and brokers were the primary designers in those days. They had all the cool tools to design and produce your job.

Well things have changed as computer hardware became more affordable. Many of our clients today design their own literature and business promotional items such as business cards, flyers and menus.

But before you start your design, always consider your end product and how it will be produced. Your printer should be able to assist you with any questions prior to setup. I’ll have more on this in another post.

I like to empower, not enslave.  If you’re going to design your own stuff, it’s good to use an advanced application to get the design look you’re aiming for. The application needs to be precise, yet flexible enough to permit your creativity to flow nicely. But most importantly, a quality digital print-ready file needs to be generated.

Here’s an affordable application suite I do recommend taking a look at if you’re planning on designing your own masterpiece… and it won’t break your tight budget. The Serif products are also easy to learn.

Great Desktop Publishing AppsSerif offers some really awesome design programs that will help you get that look you’re aiming for. Give them a try. I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the end result. Serif offers demo versions you can download for free.

More on Business Reviews…

After I wrote about the funny business review directed toward one of my favorite restaurants, another review came to my mind that I felt compelled to share.

Now remember folks, I write to give tips and information about promoting business, so the examples I use are real and from business owners whose services and products I have used.

I do marketing work for an estate planning attorney. She does FREE seminars about the aspects of estate planning. Below is a review her law firm received from an unhappy attendee.

Problem with Reviews

When I first read this, I had to scratch my head. I read it several times in an attempt to understand the feelings of the reviewer. I get the reviewer’s point about the long drive and perhaps the topic. However several things came to my mind after reading this review… (Please note: I have also attended these “FREE” seminars.)

  • One, these seminars are “FREE”.
  • Two, (did I miss something?) This reviewer is being offered 1 “FREE” hour of legal advice.
  • One hour of “FREE” consultation was offered… Could the reviewer, at some point, address the miscommunication before posting the review?
  • What where the “other topics?” Could they have been about Trusts? Hmmmmm…

Who knows??? It just goes to show, you can’t make everyone happy.

Crazy Business Review

Bad Review 101: The best way to combat a bad review is to find loyal customers to post good reviews.

Remember business owners, I’m pulling for you!!

Business Reviews

I’m always looking for ways to help local businesses market their services in the Cleveland, Ohio area. One way is with reviews.

I try to encourage business owners to make the reviewing process easy for their customers. Many business owners are leery when I mention the fact that reviews can help their business. But let’s face it, unless you really do a bad job consistently with your clients or customers, you probably won’t have much to worry about. Most reviewers are sincere in wanting to make a honest assessment of your product or service, and many will be positive.

However, there is always going to be some unhappy heckler that has nothing better to do with his or her time than to write a bad review about your business. Take a look below at the review I found for a local restaurant.

Funny Business Review

When I visited the restaurant, I brought this review to the owner’s attention. The owner and I had a good laugh while reading these ridiculous accusations.

I found this review to be hilarious for several reasons. One, I eat at this local place at least once a week… their food is really good!! Secondly, I have never had bad service (and don’t know anyone who has) at this restaurant. In fact this restaurant has some of the best service compared to other places I’ve eaten. But the most entertaining point this reviewer made was comparing the restaurant’s food to “pig feces”??? I want, so badly, to ask this reviewer, “When was the last time you had pig feces, and do you eat pig feces often enough to make such a comparison??

Seriously.. When a person like this one writes a review like the one shown in this post, it’s really hard to take them seriously. So business owners, make the review process easy and do what you do the best you can. These severely negative reviews will never be taken seriously.


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