Do It Yourself Design For Print – Affordably and Effectively

I’ve been in the printing industry for 20+ years. In the old days (when I started) only specialized applications were used for “Desktop Publishing” – remember that term? Printers, ad agencies, and brokers were the primary designers in those days. They had all the cool tools to design and produce your job.

Well things have changed as computer hardware became more affordable. Many of our clients today design their own literature and business promotional items such as business cards, flyers and menus.

But before you start your design, always consider your end product and how it will be produced. Your printer should be able to assist you with any questions prior to setup. I’ll have more on this in another post.

I like to empower, not enslave.  If you’re going to design your own stuff, it’s good to use an advanced application to get the design look you’re aiming for. The application needs to be precise, yet flexible enough to permit your creativity to flow nicely. But most importantly, a quality digital print-ready file needs to be generated.

Here’s an affordable application suite I do recommend taking a look at if you’re planning on designing your own masterpiece… and it won’t break your tight budget. The Serif products are also easy to learn.

Great Desktop Publishing AppsSerif offers some really awesome design programs that will help you get that look you’re aiming for. Give them a try. I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the end result. Serif offers demo versions you can download for free.

This article was written by Phil

I have 20+ years in digital and print production. I also have extensive experience in video and web marketing. I tend to be a bit of a technical gear-head, but enjoy using my technical background to help clients get their business found through video, web and online citations. I love SEO and making my customer's phones ring with new business. I work and partner with an awesome team to support our customer's business success! I currently work for the Master Printing Group in Berea, Ohio helping customers with what I love most - promotions, advertising and marketing!