Before You Produce Your Business Video With a Smart Phone and a Selfie Stick…

Using A Smart Phone For Your Business Video Is Great… When Done Properly.

Video is a great way to send a message about your business and services. I’ve been producing them for businesses for years. With YouTube and other video media platforms, you have the power to influence and be found online.

However, there are a couple of things one should consider before posting their business presentation online.

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What is your message?
  3. How will you produce, present and edit your video message?

Selfie sticks and mobile phones are, and will continue, to be a force in the video production world. But if not used properly, you can take the professionalism out of your presentation.

Three things that make a bad video:

  1. Shaky or blurry camera
  2. Poor audio
  3. Poor light

I can’t tell you how many videos I have watched of some prominent companies that have used shaky, unfocused camera phones along with poor audio and poor light. It really makes me wonder… are they this quality conscience with the services they offer?

My father told me, “If you want to make an impression on a potential employer, dress for the job you’re aiming for, not the one you’re trying to leave.” In other words, put your best foot forward on how you present yourself.

I’m not saying that phone videos are bad. In fact, I have used them a number of times and had great results.

Consider your message, audience and the impression you’re leaving.

Some Video Production Tips To Make Your Smartphone Video More Professional:

  • Stay away form selfie stick videos unless you’re blogging about something on the go. They have no place with a quality business video presentation.
  • Get a tripod with a mobile phone bracket. Neither will break the bank. You can get a good mobile phone tripod mount for under 20 dollars. A solid mount under a camera will make a much better impression than a wobbly selfie stick.
SHILL Smartphone Mount with Two 1/4-20 Threads
SHILL Smartphone Mount with Two 1/4-20 Threads – See B&H Photo
  • Audio: Get a voice recorder – a good one. I recommend the Zoom H1 for starters. It will cost you about $100, but well worth it. You can get an awesome lave mic to attach to it for less than $20. You will have to sync your audio, but results will be much better. I’ll go into more of this on future posts…

Please note: This is not the “end-all configuration” There are other devices on the market that will enable good audio with your smartphone. However this configuration will give you a wide range of flexibility and mobility.

Zoom_H1 Ultra Portable Digital Audio

Affordable Audio Recording Zoom H1 and Mic Setup
An Affordable Lavalier Mic Setup Using the Zoom H1

Sony ECM-CS3 Tie Clip Microphone

  • Shoot in a quiet, well lit room or outside as long as wind conditions are a minimum.
  • Rehearse your video presentation. If you are having trouble, have a person ask you questions pertaining to your message. Your message will flow much better when interviewed.
  • Stay away from teleprompters unless you are very experienced with one. Trust me on this one. I have been behind the camera too many times with those who thought then could work with a teleprompter… it’s not pretty and doesn’t look genuine.
  • If using a phone for your videos, always shoot your video with phone in the landscape position. See photo below.
Proper Way To Shoot Phone Video
Proper Camera Orientation

Hopefully these tips will be helpful with your next self-produced video. If you are in the Cleveland area, please contact us for help with your next video production. I can teach you how to do it yourself, or do it for you. We can also edit the clips you have shot yourself.

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