About Me and What I Do – Technical Guy/Marketing Guy

I currently work for a growing printing company in Cleveland, Ohio. I do everything from running a digital press to helping customers with their websites. I like thinking outside the box and finding solutions to real problems. I enjoy coaching people with videos and editing them. I also do voice-overs for commercials from time-to-time.  I’ve been in the digital presentation/production world for 20+ years.

My love for advertising began at a very early age. I spend hours strumming through the pages of Famous Artist Cartoon book set my father had. I loved how cartooning was presented in advertising. I also loved TV and radio commercials when I was young… perhaps that’s what’s wrong with me now…?!

Famous Artist Cartoon Books

The Computer Influence

In 1992, I got my first computer. I wasn’t crazy about spending the money, but my future brother-in-law told me, “You need this.” Seven hundred dollars later and a 286 Desktop; I was on my way. One interest lead to another through that computer. Eventually I left my welding job and went to work for a computer company where I learned all about computer hardware.

After a short time at the computer company, the graphics bug bit really hard… ouch! Soon, I was setting up all the product literature.

On thing led to another, and I ended up at a printing company setting up and fixing electronic files. I also assumed the title of the “on-site tech”.

Influence of YouTube

Around 2008, I saw a YouTube video titled “The Ten Gallon Air Cannon”.. I remember laughing so hard at this video, I nearly fell off my chair. But it dawned on me, if I am so influenced by this – how many other people are?

Canon DC100

The quest began!! In 2010, on my lunch break, I went out and purchased my first video camera – The Cannon DC100. Wasn’t the greatest camera, but I learned a lot from it. Soon after, my interest in audio woke up… well you can see where this is going. Lot’s of time and money later, I figured this stuff out and began doing videos for businesses.

So here we are now – 2017.. Lot’s of stuff learned, lots of money spend, and lots to share. If you need for assistance in your next print, web or video project, feel free to reach out to me. I am accessible and will reach back out to you. I do play more of a role of a consultant; however, I can implement what I teach and teach you how to do it as well. I love to teach!

This article was written by Phil

I have 20+ years in digital and print production. I also have extensive experience in video and web marketing. I tend to be a bit of a technical gear-head, but enjoy using my technical background to help clients get their business found through video, web and online citations. I love SEO and making my customer's phones ring with new business. I work and partner with an awesome team to support our customer's business success! I currently work for the Master Printing Group in Berea, Ohio helping customers with what I love most - promotions, advertising and marketing!