Business Video Presentation Tips

I have met a few people who speak well in front of a camera. But let’s face it, the majority of us do not. So here are a few tips that will make the video process easier. Now before I get into too much, understand that I am speaking to business owner’s that may have a limited budget. However, these tips do apply no matter how much money you have for your advertising.

  • Don’t use teleprompters. They require too much skill… and when not used properly, you or your subject will look silly.
  • Use an interviewer.

In my experience, interviewers are the most efficient and effective way to do a presentation, especially when the subject is not comfortable on camera.

Three Things an Interviewer Can Do:

  1. They can offer support to the interviewee. The interviewee does not feel alone and they can look at the interviewer instead of the camera. Eye-to-camera lens often distracts the inexperienced presenting their information.
  2. An interviewer can draw good content out of the subject for a better presentation. Most business owners know the aspects surrounding their business. The problem is the cold start in front of a camera and the meandering that can occur when the subject steps away from his or her verbal message.
  3. An Interviewer can save time – both in editing and presentation. You will be amazed at how much time you can save with your video project when answering a few questions from an interviewer.

Shooting and Editing Tips:

If you, or your interviewer are not experts in front of a camera – shoot in small bites. What I mean is focus on one question and the response to that question. Shoot your first question/answer segment then do the same for the other segments of the interview.

A good editor can splice those segments together easily with creative transitions or b-roll over each transition. Either of these will make the video flow much better in the viewer’s eyes. Below is a video that explains B-Roll and contains some other useful tips that will help make your video presentations better.

Be Prepared:

This goes without saying in any presentation. Talk over the important items you want your interviewer to draw out of you before hitting record. Try to keep your video short, but hit on the most important items pertaining to your subject matter.

Leading and Feeding:

Give content that’s informative! Give the viewer information that will lead them to possibly take further action. If you have some interesting and compelling reasons for using your services, have the interviewer question you on these. End your video with: I can be reached… or For more information… Thank you for watching… etc.

A couple of general, first time, interview questions I like:

  • Tell us about what you do?
  • What areas do you serve?
  • What would you say to prospective customers about your business?
  • What separates you from the competition?

Sound Matters in a Video:

More often than not, I have shot video of interviews in noisy locations.  This is always a challenge. One of the worst things you can have with your presentation is bad sound. Poor audio can reduce the interest of viewers more than poor quality video.

You will need the right mic and a voice recorder. When I do interviews in noisy climates, I use my Sure SM58s and a voice recorder – the combination works very well as you will see in my sample below. None of these items are terribly expensive, but if you’re going to shoot video, do it right… get the most out of your time and presentation.

A Great Microphone For Interviews
The Shure SM58 – Great Noise Canceling Microphone


Above is an on-the-fly interview (No rehearsal – 1 take) I did at the Home and Garden Show in Cleveland, Ohio. I used my Samsung Grand Prime smartphone in selfie mode, a voice recorder and two SM58s. I can tell you for a fact that crowd noise was incredible, but these microphones did their job well as you can hear from the video.

Hopefully these tips will help you with your business presentation video. If you need coaching or help with your next video, please fill out the contact form on this page and I will be happy to get back to you. I’ll have¬† more on video tips. See my other post for DIY Video Presentations.

This article was written by Phil

I have 20+ years in digital and print production. I also have extensive experience in video and web marketing. I tend to be a bit of a technical gear-head, but enjoy using my technical background to help clients get their business found through video, web and online citations. I love SEO and making my customer's phones ring with new business. I work and partner with an awesome team to support our customer's business success! I currently work for the Master Printing Group in Berea, Ohio helping customers with what I love most - promotions, advertising and marketing!