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More on Business Reviews…

After I wrote about the funny business review directed toward one of my favorite restaurants, another review came to my mind that I felt compelled to share.

Now remember folks, I write to give tips and information about promoting business, so the examples I use are real and from business owners whose services and products I have used.

I do marketing work for an estate planning attorney. She does FREE seminars about the aspects of estate planning. Below is a review her law firm received from an unhappy attendee.

Problem with Reviews

When I first read this, I had to scratch my head. I read it several times in an attempt to understand the feelings of the reviewer. I get the reviewer’s point about the long drive and perhaps the topic. However several things came to my mind after reading this review… (Please note: I have also attended these “FREE” seminars.)

  • One, these seminars are “FREE”.
  • Two, (did I miss something?) This reviewer is being offered 1 “FREE” hour of legal advice.
  • One hour of “FREE” consultation was offered… Could the reviewer, at some point, address the miscommunication before posting the review?
  • What where the “other topics?” Could they have been about Trusts? Hmmmmm…

Who knows??? It just goes to show, you can’t make everyone happy.

Crazy Business Review

Bad Review 101: The best way to combat a bad review is to find loyal customers to post good reviews.

Remember business owners, I’m pulling for you!!


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